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Line 155: Line 155:
 pi@d-diot:~ $ nano /home/pi/atmega2560/arduino-mk/Makefile pi@d-diot:~ $ nano /home/pi/atmega2560/arduino-mk/Makefile
 </cli> </cli>
 +==== d-diot images below v.1.3 ====
 Add the following lines: Add the following lines:
 <file text /home/pi/atmega2560/arduino-mk/Makefile> <file text /home/pi/atmega2560/arduino-mk/Makefile>
Line 164: Line 167:
 </file> </file>
 Exit (CTRL+x) and save the changes (y).  Exit (CTRL+x) and save the changes (y). 
 +==== d-diot image v.1.4 and above ====
 +Add the following lines:
 +<file text /home/pi/atmega2560/arduino-mk/Makefile>
 +ARDUINO_DIR = /usr/share/arduino
 +BOARD_TAG    = mega2560
 +ARDUINO_PORT = /dev/ttyAMA1
 +include /usr/share/arduino/
 +Exit (CTRL+x) and save the changes (y). 
 +==== test ====
 Create an empty arduino sketch to test arduino-mk: Create an empty arduino sketch to test arduino-mk:
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