Find the IP address of your Raspberry Pi

If your network supports avahi / zeroconf you don't need to known the IP address of your Raspberry Pi because its hostname “d-diot.local” is sufficient.

In any case, once your Raspberry Pi is connected with an ethernet cable to your router, you can find its IP address from the web interface of your router.

If you don't have a direct access to the router, connect any Wifi device (smartphone, laptop, desktop pc etc..) to the “d-diot” Wifi network using the password “”.
With the stock d-diot image the Wifi interfaces (wlan0) is configured in access point mode and has a static IP address, so you can reach the Home Assistant webui at the following URL:

In the Home Assitant webui click the Raspberry Pi icon and there is a card with the IP address of the ethernet interface (eth0).
As an alternative in the oled display card select the mode “ethernet” and your IP address will appear on the oled display.

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