Command line interface

You can access the Rapsberry Pi command line interface (CLI or Terminal) in three different way.

Simply connect an usb keyboard to your Raspberry Pi and run an HDMI cable from the Raspberry Pi port to a suitable monitor or TV, and you are done.

Shellinabox put a CLI in a web interface and with the default d-diot image you can access them directly from the Home Assistance webui.

You can access shellinabox also from the following URL:

If your network don't support avahi / zeroconf use the following URL:

If you are on a linux machine simply open a terminal and type:

user@host:~$ ssh pi@d-diot.local

or if your network don't support avahi / zeroconf

user@host:~$ ssh pi@YOUR_IP_ADDRESS

If you are on a Windows machine you need to install an ssh client like PuTTY.

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