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 ====== LIRC ====== ====== LIRC ======
 +[[|LIRC]] is the piece of software that decodes the IR signal signals received from your remote and that encodes and sends the IR signal to your devices. It has only a command line interface (CLI) but in the d-diot image you can find a nice web interface ([[|lirc_web]]) that makes your life easier. Of course LIRC and lirc_web are integrated in Home Assistant.   
 +The IR receiver (TSOP4838) and the IR blaster, a 3W 940nm IR LED, are integrated in the d-diot board.   
 +See the following guides to known more.
 {{simplenavi>how_to:lirc}} {{simplenavi>how_to:lirc}}
 [<>] [<>]
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