This PCB is an expansion board that can be connected through the MySensors expansion connector (MYSX) to any other MySensors PCB that exposes this connector, but its perfect match is with the d-diot Mini-BT-Pcb-328P.

With this expansion board you can turn on/off 3 USB type A ports; the power state of each port can be controlled with the dedicated physical push button or in a “smart” way through the Home Assistant WebUI, which makes this board useful in many situations, like charging your smartphone, powering a Raspberry Pi or any other USB devices with the added value to manage or automate the process in your home automation hub.

The USB-Exp PCB has two connector for the external power:

  • 1 micro USB port (5V DC)
  • 1 Power jack (5-12V DC)

The board has also an FTDI and ICSP headers to easily program the MCU of the attached motherboard and this is how the USB-Exp board looks:

Below the schematics ( pdf format).

USB-Exp v.1.0 Schematics

The schematic and the entire Kicad project are available for download in the dedicated d-diot github repository. In the repository you can find the gerber files of the PCB, so you can easily get 10 boards with about 5€ using an online PCB manufacturer like JLCPCB or PCB way.

Click the button below to download the complete set (zip) of gerber files necessary for the manufacturing of the board v.1.0.

Download Gerber USB-Exp v.1.0

Or order the PCB directly from PCBWay.

Order your board with PCBWay

Visit the dedicated topic in the forum if you need to know more.

References Description Value Quantity Vendor Link VPN Manufacturer MPN
R1- R2- R3 Resistor 10 KOhm SMD 0805 10K 3 LCSC view C57859 UNI-ROYAL(Uniroyal Elec) TC0550F1002T5E
R7- R8- R9 Resistor 100 KOhm SMD 0805 100K 3 LCSC view C57246 UNI-ROYAL(Uniroyal Elec) TC0525F1003T5E
R4- R5- R6 Resistor 300 Ohm SMD 0805 300 3 LCSC view C61685 UNI-ROYAL(Uniroyal Elec) TC0525F3000T5E
D1- D2- D3 Blu Led SMD 0805 BLU-LED 3 LCSC view C84259 Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics NCD0805B2
U1 DC adjustable buck converter mini 360 MH-MINI-360 1 NA view NA NA Mini-360
SW1- SW2- SW3 Push button SMD 3x6x2.5 mm SW_Push 3 Alphago it view NA NA NA
JP1 Male 2.54 mm pin header THT 1×03 V select 1 LCSC view C49257 BOOMELE(Boom Precision Elec) C49257
Q1- Q2- Q3 N channel mosfet SMD SOT-23 Q_NMOS_GSD 3 LCSC view C404846 JESTEK JST2300
Q4- Q5- Q6 P channel mosfet SMD SOT-23 Q_PMOS_GSD 3 LCSC view C404849 JESTEK JST3415C
J7 Male 2.54 mm pin header THT 1×06 FTDI 1 LCSC view C190819 nextron(Nextronics Engineering) Z-211-0611-0021-001
J6 Male 2.54 mm pin header THT 2×03 ICSP 1 LCSC view C65114 BOOMELE(Boom Precision Elec) C65114
J1 Micro USB port SMD USB_B_Micro 1 LCSC view C10418 Jing Extension of the Electronic Co. C10418
J3- J4- J5 USB type A female connector SMD USB-A-S-X-X-SM2-R 3 LCSC view C8328 Jing Extension of the Electronic Co. YJ-USB-AF-SMT-01
J2 5.5 mm DC Power jack Barrel_Jack 1 Mouser view 710-694106301002 Wuerth 694106301002
P1 Female 2.54 mm pin header THT 2×11 MYSX_2.6 1 LCSC view C132126 CONNFLY Elec DS1023-2*11SF11

Use the interactive BOM tool to see where to place each component

The USB-Exp-firmware is available as a PlatformIO project in the d-diot github repo.

Follow the firmware upload guide to know how to flash your board with PlatformIO directly from your d-diot hub.

The configuration of the firmware is in the following files:

For each parameter, see the comments in the files.

Visit the dedicated topic forum if you need to know more.

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