Hub v.3.0

The hub 3.0 is a lot different respect to the previous ones, because now it is a wifi multi-gateway (IR, 433 Mhz, Mysensors) based on ESP8266 and ESP32 modules, independent from the Raspberry Pi.

The reasons and the advantages of this little revolution are described in this post.

The hub has a modular design:

  • Hub A: dual MySensors gateway (RFM69 amd NRF24) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) + WS2812B LED controller gateway
  • Hub B: infrared remote gateway (transmitter and receiver) and RC 433 Mhz gateway

To allow the maximum flexibility in placement inside the house, each module can be build as a stand-alone piece of hardware or combined in a single device (see pictures). As usual, the case is 3d printable and available in thingiverse.

In this section you can find the guides to build the d-diot hub in its version 3.0.

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