How to build the "all in one" hub

To build the all in one version version you can follow the guides for the hub A and hub B, with the little adjustments reported below.

You need to print the following files:

  • 1 x base.stl
  • 1 x top-fan+light.stl
  • 1 x board-4A-body.stl
  • 1 x board-4B-body-stack.stl
  • 1 x top-led-cover.stl
  • 2 x front-led-cover.stl
  • 3 x ir-led-cover.stl
  • 4 x supports.stl

In the “all in one” configuration the board 4B is powered through the screw terminal J4 so the components J1, J2, J3, F1, Q1, J5 must be not soldered. The power is provided through the J4 screw terminal of the board A which must be connected with two wires to the terminal J4 of the board B.

If you want to disable the blue power led of the board B, comment out the “#define ENABLE_STATUS_LED” line in the config section of the Arduino / Atmega328P firmware.

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