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Integration with Home Assistant

See the Home Assistant documentation of the LIRC component to have a more details. If you wont that Home Assistant recognize the press of a specific button of your remote, you have to add the button and the remote name in the .lircrc file located in /home/homeassistant/.
The .lircrc file is accessible via samba.

See this example of entry in the .lircrc file:

    remote = SONY
    button = KEY_1
    prog   = home-assistant
    config = see-this

Add an entry for every button that you wont to be recognized. The button can be associated later to an automation.

The values you set for the field “button” must be the same as in the lircd.conf file as well as the “remote” name.

The values you put in the “config” field will be the sensor value in Home Assistant when you press the button.

Restart lirc to load the changes.

pi@d-diot:~ $ sudo systemctl restart lircd

Test your LIRC installation before proceeding by running:

pi@d-diot:~ $ sudo -u homeassistant -H -s
homeassistant@d-diot:/home/pi $ ircat home-assistant

At every press of KEY_1 in the SONY remote a line should appear

# Restart home-assistant $ sudo systemctl restart home-assistant@homeassistant

# Now every time you press a button defined in the .lircrc the LIRC component fires ir_command_received events on the bus. You can capture the events and respond to them in automation scripts like this:

# Example configuration.yaml automation entry automation:

  1. alias: Off on Remote


    platform: event
    event_type: ir_command_received
      button_name: see-this
    service: homeassistant.turn_off
    entity_id: group.a_lights

# The button_name data values (e.g., see-this) are set by you in the .lircrc file.

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